Ultimate Guide to Sport Court Flooring: Choose Lokflor Mats

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Choosing the right sport court flooring is crucial for your game's performance and safety. Whether you're setting up a home gym, a community basketball court, or a professional sports arena, the surface you play on can make or break the experience.

In this article, you'll discover the various types of sport court flooring available, from hardwood to synthetic options, and understand the benefits and drawbacks of each. You'll also get insights into durability, maintenance, and cost-effectiveness, ensuring you make an informed decision that suits your specific needs.

Stay tuned as we delve into how to select the perfect flooring for your sporting endeavours, so you can focus on bringing your A-game every time you step onto the court.

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Benefits of Sport Court Flooring

When it comes to choosing the best flooring for your sports facility, the advantages of sport court flooring are numerous. Not only does it provide the ideal surface for athletes to excel, but it also ensures lasting value and safety. Explore how Lokflor  leads the way in South African sport flooring solutions, offering functionality and reliability for multi-purpose sports courts.

Enhanced Performance

Your performance on the court is paramount. Lokflor understands this and has tailored their sports surfaces to optimise your game. The all-weather sport surface is skilfully crafted from high-quality LLDPE polymer sourced from SASOL, a marker of South African excellence. What sets it apart is its unique interlocking design which ensures consistent playability and superior grip, essential for athletes who demand the best from their sports surface.

The advanced technology integrated into Lokflor's sports flooring allows for optimal air flow and a cooler playing surface. In South Africa's varied climate, this means that no matter what the weather is like outside, the conditions underfoot remain perfect for peak athletic performance.

Additionally, Lokflor's sport mats and flooring solutions incorporate multi-directional flex technology. This feature is key to enhancing not just the experience but also the performance of players by allowing for a more responsive and forgiving surface.

Injury Prevention

Nothing derails a sporting career or an enjoyable match quite like an injury. Lokflor takes safety seriously, incorporating features into their sport court flooring that aim to reduce the risk of injury and fatigue. With a surface that's engineered to be more forgiving on impacts, you're afforded additional protection during play.

The edging ramp installed by Lokflor is meticulously designed to prevent tripping hazards, ensuring uninterrupted, safe play on the playground mats. It's these crucial details that make their sports surfaces stand out, with a focus on cushioning athletes against falls and reducing strain on joints and muscles.


Lokflor doesn't just provide an exceptional sporting experience. They also offer peace of mind with flooring solutions boasting a substantial 15-year guarantee. Their products, including multipurpose sports courts, are built to last, offering up to 20 years of longevity without sacrificing quality or performance.

By choosing Lokflor's sport court flooring, you're investing in a surface that withstands the test of time, maintaining its condition even under heavy use. The durability of their surfaces means less worry about replacement or repair costs, allowing you to focus on the game rather than the ground beneath your feet.

Remember, a premium sports surface like the one offered by Lokflor is not only an investment in your sporting facility but also in your athletes' careers and safety. With their innovative designs and robust materials, you're ensuring that every game played is on a surface that's truly world-class.

Types of Sport Court Flooring

Hardwood Flooring

When you think of traditional indoor sports courts, hardwood flooring often comes to mind. It's the classic choice for venues like basketball and squash courts due to its pristine appearance and natural resilience. Hardwood Flooring provides a professional-level playing experience, offering excellent traction and a solid, responsive surface for high-impact activities. However, it requires regular maintenance to keep it in top condition, and its performance can be affected by humidity and temperature.

Synthetic Flooring

As you explore alternatives that offer versatility and low maintenance, consider synthetic sport court flooring. Lokflor, your South African connection to cutting-edge sport surfaces, provides high-caliber synthetic options designed to withstand a plethora of sporting events. Synthetic flooring can mimic the springiness of hardwood while adding enhanced durability and often comes at a more affordable price point. This makes it an ideal solution for multi-purpose sports courts where flexibility and adaptability are key.

Rubber Flooring

For areas where safety and shock absorption are paramount, such as gyms and playgrounds, Rubber Flooring emerges as a smart choice. Lokflor's offerings don't stop at traditional surfaces; their sport mats and playground mats are crafted from premium LLDPE polymer, sourced from SASOL, ensuring a product that's not only durable but also tailored for the South African climate. The Sport Mats' interlocking, self-draining design along with the multi-directional flex technology, significantly reduces the risk of injuries and contributes to a superior, safer sports surface.

Your sports facility needs a sport court flooring solution that's got it all – performance, safety, and longevity. With Lokflor's all-weather sports surface, you're investing in a sports surface that triumphs over the elements and maximises the potential of South African athletes across various disciplines. What's more, the peace of mind that comes with a 15-year guarantee, and the potential for a lifespan that extends up to 20 years, confirms that your choice in Lokflor isn't just wise - it's future-proof.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing Sport Court Flooring

When you're investing in sport court flooring, it's crucial to make an informed decision that accounts for various factors. Each element plays a significant role in ensuring that your sports surface not only suits your needs but also delivers in terms of quality and longevity.

Purpose of the Court

Your choice of flooring should directly reflect the activities it will cater to. Are you looking to install a surface for competitive sports or leisure activities? Lokflor provides multi-purpose sports courts designed to accommodate a broad range of sporting events. Whether it's basketball, tennis, or a community event, their all-weather sports surface, crafted with premium LLDPE polymer, excels in versatility.

  • Competitive sports require a surface that optimises playability and player safety.
  • Recreational spaces might focus on comfort and durability.

Indoor or Outdoor

An essential aspect to consider is whether your sport court flooring will be indoor or outdoor as this directly impacts the materials you'll choose. Lokflor specialises in all-weather sports surfaces ideal for outdoor spaces. The interlocking, self-draining design ensures your court is playable no matter the weather.

  • Indoor courts benefit from controlled environments.
  • Outdoor court materials need to withstand varying weather conditions, from intense sunlight to heavy rain.


While cost is inevitably a key factor, remember that higher initial expenses might lead to lower long-term costs. Investing in a high-quality sports surface can mean fewer repairs and replacements down the line. Lokflor's offerings might include a higher upfront cost, but the durability and 15-year guarantee extend their value far beyond basic alternatives.

Maintenance Requirements

Lastly, you should consider the time and resources you're prepared to allocate for upkeep. Lokflor's sports surfaces are engineered for low maintenance, without compromising on performance. With their advanced sports surfaces, you not only get a top-performing court but also ease of maintenance, making it a practical choice for any establishment.

  • Rubber flooring might be perfect for high-shock absorption but requires regular cleaning.
  • Synthetic options offer simplicity in maintenance and are often more resistant to wear and tear.

By deliberating over these factors, your selection process becomes straightforward. You have the opportunity to choose a floor that complements the essence of your facility and promises years of enjoyment and competition, just as Lokflor's sports surfaces do.

Installation Process of Sport Court Flooring

Site Preparation

Before the arrival of your sport court flooring, it's imperative to have the site properly prepared. This entails ensuring that the ground is level and stable. Any debris, stones, or organic material should be cleared to create a solid foundation. Lokflor’s specialised team can assess your site to determine what preparation is necessary for optimal results. Remember, good site preparation is crucial for the longevity of your sports surface.

Subfloor Installation

Once the initial site preparation is complete, the next step involves laying down a subfloor if required. This is the layer that sits directly beneath your sport mats and should provide a flat, uniform area for installation. For Lokflor’s all-weather sports surfaces, the subfloor plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the LLDPE polymer tiles interlock seamlessly and provide the necessary drainage. This subfloor must meet specific criteria to maintain the performance and durability of your sports courts.

Flooring Installation

With your subfloor in place, you're ready for the main event—the flooring installation. Lokflor's sport court flooring, praised for its ease of installation, features an innovative interlocking system. The premium quality tiles, backed by a 15-year guarantee, are assembled piece by piece, creating a secure, self-draining sports surface ideal for multi-purpose sports courts. The installation process doesn't usually require adhesives, making it a clean and straightforward task.

Finishing Touches

After the tiles are interlocked, the final touches can be applied. This could involve the installation of an edging ramp, which is crucial for player safety by preventing trips and falls. Lokflor ensures that every court meets the highest safety and performance standards and includes this important safety feature. Playground mats and other accessories can also be added to complete the transformation. Each court is meticulously inspected to certify it's ready for years of enjoyment and intense sporting activity.

Sports court installation

Sport Surfaces from Lokflor

Sport Mats & Sports Surfaces

Immerse yourself in the world of sport court flooring with Lokflor's high-grade sports surfaces. Designed with your athletic needs in mind, these sport mats are a game-changer for multi-purpose sports courts. You'll find Lokflor products composed of premium LLDPE polymer from SASOL, ensuring durability that stands the test of time. Marvel at the self-draining, interlocking design, ideal for keeping the surface dry and your gameplay uninterrupted. What's more, these surfaces come with a formidable 15-year guarantee, showcasing Lokflor's confidence in their South African manufactured products. Their longevity can extend up to an impressive 20 years; a true testament to their quality.

Playground Mats

Elevate the safety and aesthetics of your playground with Lokflor's Playground Mats. These innovative polyethylene mats redefine the space, turning it into a haven of safety and engagement. As you look to build the playgrounds of the future, consider these sustainable options that don't compromise on fun. Lokflor ensures each mat contributes to an alluring and safe playground environment, so children can play with peace of mind. The brand's commitment to excellence is evident not only in their approach to durability but also in their efforts to create play areas that resonate with the young and the young-at-heart.

Classroom Mats

Transform your learning environments with Lokflor's cutting-edge Classroom Mats. These mats, available in both polyethylene and solid rubber, are specially crafted to make your classrooms safer and more inviting. Trust in Lokflor's expertise to foster an enriching environment that promotes learning and discovery. With these classroom mats, you invest in safety, and in doing so, you inspire and captivate minds. Durable, easy to maintain, and designed to reduce noise, Lokflor's solutions in educational settings are an outstanding choice for those who place a premium on quality and educational excellence.


Choosing the right sport court flooring is a game-changer for any athletic facility. With Lokflor's innovative designs you're not just investing in a floor but a foundation for excellence. Their self-draining interlocking mats ensure longevity while their commitment to safety transforms play and learning spaces. Whether it's a competitive arena or an educational setting Lokflor has you covered. Make the smart choice and opt for a surface that stands up to the rigours of sport and the zest of learning. Your space deserves the best and with Lokflor that's exactly what you'll get.

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to install Lokflor sports surfaces?

Installing Lokflor sports surfaces is quite straightforward. With an interlocking design, most DIY enthusiasts can lay these floors quickly. It's suitable for both indoor and outdoor courts, and the process remains consistent across various settings.

What maintenance is needed for Lokflor sport mats?

To maintain Lokflor sport mats, simply clean with standard cleaning equipment. Regularly inspect for debris and wipe or mop outdoor and indoor mats as necessary to keep the surfaces pristine and safe for users.

What sets Lokflor surfaces apart from competitors?

Lokflor sports surfaces are valued for their robustness. They are unique due to their self-draining properties and durability. Additionally, their interlocking design ensures compatibility and ease of installation, creating a seamless and reliable sports floor.

Are Lokflor playground mats safe for children?

Yes, Lokflor playground mats are designed with safety as a priority. They help diminish the impact of falls and are crafted to enhance engagement, ensuring a secure and stimulating environment for children to play.

Can Lokflor mats be used in classrooms?

Certainly, Lokflor has designed mats specifically for classrooms, fostering an enriching learning atmosphere. These mats offer durability and are conducive to maintaining a focused and interactive educational setting.

How does Lokflor ensure the durability of their sports surfaces?

Lokflor sports surfaces are created for lasting performance. High-quality materials, coupled with a design that withstands heavy usage and diverse weather conditions, underline Lokflor's commitment to durability in sports flooring.

Why should Lokflor's sports surfaces be considered for multi-use games areas (MUGAs)?

Lokflor's sports surfaces are ideal for MUGAs due to their versatility, safety features, and ease of maintenance, making them a perfect choice for various sports and recreational activities.

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