Top Outdoor Playground Mats for Durability & Safety in SA

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Creating the perfect play space for children is about blending fun with safety. We understand the importance of a durable surface that can weather the diverse South African climate. Outdoor playground mats are essential in providing a safe and enjoyable environment where kids can play freely.

Our outdoor playground mats are designed to cushion falls and provide a comfortable play area. With a variety of speckled colour options and a waffled bottom design, they offer the bounce back needed to keep playtime going all year round. Whether it's for a bustling commercial playground or a cosy residential daycare, we've got the ideal solution to keep little adventurers safe.

Benefits of Using Outdoor Playground Mats


When it comes to outdoor playground mats, the primary benefit we see is in enhancing safety. The play areas are bustling with activity, where the inevitable bumps and falls are part of the landscape. Outdoor playground matting offers a critical layer of protection between the ground and the child. In South Africa, where diverse climates put materials to the test, Lokflor mats rise to the challenge with their robust LLDPE polymer construction ensuring that mats don't degrade under harsh sun or heavy rains.

High-end technology, like the multi-directional flex present in these mats, is specifically designed to reduce the risk of injury. Moreover, the shock absorption quality is not just for show – it’s a protective feature underwritten by a 15-year guarantee. With a critical fall height rating that meets international standards, children can play with greater freedom, lessening the worry for parents and caregivers about serious harm from falls.

Safety Feature



Multi-directional Flex

Minimises injury risk

International Fall Rating

Provides reliable impact protection

Long Lifespan & Guarantee

Ensures sustained safety performance

The playground flooring in South Africa must also accommodate for the unique edging ramps that reduce tripping hazards. This subtle yet crucial addition makes movement across the playground smoother, allowing the ebb and flow of play to continue with fewer interruptions.


When we talk about the comfort aspect of playground flooring, the idea extends beyond just soft underfoot. Sure, cushioning is essential but so is the experience of play on a hot day. Lokflor has addressed this beautifully with technology that optimises airflow creating a cooler surface even when the African sun is at its peak. The mats' self-draining design is another critical factor; rainwater quickly escapes, preventing puddle formation that can lead to slippery surfaces and thereby disrupting play.

Comfort also relates to the environment children are playing in. A colourful, vibrant playground is far more inviting, sparking imagination and creativity. The variety of colours available in Lokflor’s range does precisely this, enabling the design of a play area that’s not only physically comfortable but visually stimulating as well.

Comfort Feature



Optimal Airflow

Cooler surfaces in hot conditions

Self-Draining Design

Quick drying to resume play sooner

Variety of Colours

Aesthetically pleasing and stimulating

We can see that comfort is not just about what children feel underfoot but encompasses a broader perspective. It's about how they engage with the playground environment. Playground mats and their intelligent design play a vital role in providing both safety and comfort, profoundly influencing the overall play experience.

Types of Outdoor Playground Mats

PLAYGROUND & CYCLE TRACK - Playground Mats from Lokflor

When it comes to enhancing safety and fun, our Playground & Cycle Track mats are a superb choice. These mats, available from Lokflor, are designed with both play and cycle tracks in mind. They span a generous 31.20m² area providing ample space for active kids. With the high-grade Hexene LLDPE from SASOL, these mats boast durability and a sleek look in a variety of colours. Their self-draining feature ensures they stay dry, and their versatility means they're suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Whether installed on concrete, asphalt or grass, these playground mats ensure a safe, enjoyable environment without harming the underneath surfaces.

Hockey Skills Mat Xtra-Large Square Skill - Play Mats - Skill Mats

Skill development starts from the ground with our Hockey Skills Mat Xtra-Large Square Skill. Perfect for a myriad of sports, including basketball, netball, and cricket, this playground flooring masterpiece stretches 3.75 x 3.75 meters and has been rigorously tested for its shock absorption and friction properties. Despite the hardy nature of these mats—capable of withstanding a 3-ton load—they provide cushioned comfort and lateral forgiveness to reduce the risk of injury and fatigue, thanks to their advanced multi-directional flex technology. Lay these playground mats on a suitable base, and you've got an all-rounder surface that's also recyclable, emphasising our commitment to sustainability.

ECD LOKFLOR Mirror Me & Noughts & Crosses or Tic-Tac-Toe Mat - Playzone ECD mats

For a delightful mix of learning and play, our ECD LOKFLOR Mirror Me & Noughts & Crosses or Tic-Tac-Toe Mat injects an educational twist into playground matting. Sized at 7.155m², these mats are not just a fun addition to your playzone but also contribute to the cognitive and social development of kids through interactive games. Made with the same high-grade LLDPE, these floor mats ensure low maintenance and longevity, whether set up indoors or out. And when it comes to resilience, these playground floor mats are able to be relocated without damage, making them a flexible choice for any play setting.

Considerations When Choosing Outdoor Playground Mats


When looking for the ideal outdoor playground mat, it's crucial to prioritise durability. Outdoor playground mats, particularly those in the bustling playgrounds of South Africa, need to withstand a variety of weather conditions.

By ensuring the materials used for playground matting are of the highest quality, we provide safe and enduring surfaces that stand the test of time—and play.


Maintenance is another critical aspect to consider when choosing playground flooring. Our solutions are crafted for minimal upkeep, so they continue to be a practical choice for busy playgrounds across South Africa.

We aim to provide practical playground mats that allow for a hygienic and well-kept play space with minimal effort, ensuring more time for play and less maintenance.


Ease of installation is vital for any playground flooring choice. Our products are designed to be as straightforward as possible to install, so even those without expertise in flooring can accomplish it with ease.

  • Products like StayLock tiles can be laid down effortlessly, ensuring a quick and non-disruptive installation process.
  • We also offer adhesives for permanent playground mat installations, enabling a secure fit to various surfaces, including wood and concrete.

While some materials such as rolls of turf may be more challenging to install, we ensure guidance is available so that you're well-informed throughout the process.


Installation Feature

User Benefit


StayLock Tiles

Ease of assembly

Fast, simple installation

Adhesive Products

Strong bond to surfaces

Secure, long-term placement

Our goal is to provide high-quality playground mats that are super easy to install, enhancing the overall safety and aesthetic of the playground with minimal fuss.

How to Install Outdoor Playground Mats

Clear and Prepare the Area

Before installing any outdoor playground matting, the first step is ensuring the area is clear and prepared for setup. Clearing the area involves removing any debris, rocks, or any other materials that might impede the installation of playground floor mats. We need to ensure that the ground is level; if it's uneven, we'll have to level it. Doing so provides a stable foundation, which is essential for the safety and longevity of the playground mats.

Install the Mats

Once we have a clear, levelled space, it's time to start laying down the playground flooring. Starting from one edge of the playground, we align each playground mat carefully, ensuring that the edges meet snugly. The unique interlocking design simplifies the process, allowing mats to fit together like puzzle pieces, which maximises the security and evenness of the playground surface.

We'll lay each piece of the playground matting one by one, checking for a firm, flush fit that leaves no gaps or overlaps. Speciality adhesive products or securing pins may be used to connect the mats if required, depending on the type of playground mats selected. These will provide a stable play surface and prevent the mats from moving out of place.

Installing these mats does not require professional expertise, thanks to the simple yet effective design of interlocking playground mats. By following these steps, we can create a safe, durable outdoor play area that is ready for activity, with no professional installers necessary. Plus, with the convenience of DIY installation, we're not only creating a secure playground environment but are also making significant savings.

Maintenance Tips for Outdoor Playground Mats

Regular Cleaning

Ensuring a safe and hygienic environment for children to play in is paramount. That’s why regular cleaning of outdoor playground mats can't be overstated. For optimal cleanliness, we suggest a routine that involves sweeping the playground mats to remove loose debris, followed by hosing down with water. This simplistic approach works well for most outdoor playground matting and helps to maintain their appearance and functionality. It’s best to avoid harsh chemicals; a mild detergent mixed with water will suffice for deeper cleaning. Always remember to check with the manufacturer’s guidelines, as some mats have specific care instructions, especially those sourced from specialised suppliers like Lokflor in South Africa.

Inspecting for Damage

Outdoor playground floor mats are subject to wear and tear, more so in spaces that buzz with active kids. We recommend that you inspect the playground mats regularly to identify any damages early on, such as tears or significant wearing that might compromise their safety features. Keep an eye out for any signs of weathering, as South Africa's diverse climate can be harsh on playground matting materials. Immediate attention to small issues helps prevent larger problems and ensures the longevity of the playground flooring, thus safeguarding the investment made in the playful area.

Repairing and Replacing

Despite the impressive resilience of outdoor playground mats, they can sometimes sustain damage that goes beyond a simple cleaning regimen. When wear or damage is spotted, it's important to address it promptly. Some playground mats offer the convenience of interlocking pieces, which means we can replace single tiles without disturbing the entire surface. For non-interlock systems, a professional might be required to ensure the playground flooring is restored to its safe and complete state. Remember, maintaining the integrity of playground mats not only extends their lifespan but also ensures the safety of the children who spend carefree hours on them.


We've explored the key factors that make outdoor playground mats a smart investment for any play area. Durability, low maintenance, and ease of installation stand out as top priorities to ensure a safe, long-lasting surface for kids to enjoy. By choosing the right materials and following our maintenance tips, you'll not only enhance the play experience but also contribute to a safer, more inviting playground environment. It's clear that with the right approach, selecting and caring for playground mats can be straightforward and rewarding. Let's create play spaces that are as enduring as the memories they help forge.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key considerations when choosing outdoor playground mats?

When selecting outdoor playground mats, prioritise durability to withstand varied weather, choose materials like recycled rubber for UV and moisture resistance, ensure low maintenance requirements for busy areas, and opt for easy-to-install options such as StayLock tiles.

How does installation simplicity benefit playground mats?

Simple installation processes for playground mats, like using adhesive products or interlocking tiles, provide a secure fit quickly and efficiently, allowing the play area to be accessible sooner while ensuring the safety and stability of the installed surface.

What maintenance tips should be followed for playground mats?

To maintain outdoor playground mats, regularly clean the surface, inspect for and promptly repair any damage, and stand ready to replace mats as necessary. This ensures the safety, functionality, and aesthetic appeal of the playground over time.

Why is it important to consider weather resistance in playground mats?

Weather resistance in playground mats is crucial because it ensures longevity and durability. Mats that can endure sun exposure, rain, snow, and temperature changes will maintain their safety features and appearance longer, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

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