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Experience LokFlor’s Polyethylene Mats today, and redefine your playground's landscape. Let's build the playgrounds of the future – safe, engaging, and sustainable. 

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Lokflor's Premium Playground Mats

The Cornerstone of Safe and Creative Play

The Essential Role of Playground Mats in Fun and Safety

Lokflor deeply understands that a playground's heart lies in its surface, serving as the bedrock of enjoyment, security, and imaginative play. To support this, we've crafted our advanced playground mats using the latest in plastic injection moulding technology and superior LLDPE polymer sourced from SASOL. These mats are more than just a surface; they're a launchpad for fun and creativity.

Durable and Weather-Resistant Play Mats by Lokflor

Proudly South African, Lokflor offers exceptional playground mats characterised by their unique interlocking, self-draining design. These mats are engineered to excel in any weather condition, promising durability and consistent performance. With a lifespan of up to 20 years, backed by a solid 15-year guarantee, our playground mats are a long-term investment in peace of mind.

Game-Changing Safety Features in Lokflor's Mats

Lokflor's playground mats set new standards in the industry. Constructed with safety and efficiency as paramount, each mat includes cutting-edge multi-directional flex technology. This feature is crucial in minimizing injury risks and reducing fatigue, ensuring a safer, more comfortable play area. Additionally, the mats' design promotes optimal airflow, providing a cooler surface for an enhanced playground experience.

Enhanced Safety with Custom Edging Ramps

Our commitment to safety doesn't end with the mat's surface. We've integrated specially designed edging ramps into our playground mats, significantly reducing tripping hazards. This thoughtful addition not only bolsters safety but also enriches the overall play experience, making it more secure, prolonged, and enjoyable for children.

Opt for Superiority with Lokflor Mats

Embracing Lokflor's playground mats means choosing a blend of safety, durability, and unmatched performance. By upgrading to our advanced playground mats, you'll witness a noticeable enhancement in safety, performance, and overall enjoyment for children.

Experience the Lokflor Difference in Your Playground

Transform your playground with Lokflor's state-of-the-art mats and join us in shaping the playgrounds of the future—spaces that are not only safe and engaging but also sustainable. Discover the Lokflor advantage today and redefine your playground into a haven of fun and safety.