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Experience LokFlor’s Polyethylene Mats today, and redefine your playground's landscape. Let's build the playgrounds of the future – safe, engaging, and sustainable. 

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Playground Mats | Lokflor

At Lokflor, we understand that the heart of every playground is its surface – the foundation of fun, safety, and creativity. That's why we've developed our advanced play mat & playground mats, using state-of-the-art plastic injection moulding technology and premium LLDPE polymer from SASOL.

As a proudly South African company, we offer top-tier play mat & playground mats with a unique interlocking, self-draining design. These mats are designed to endure and perform brilliantly in all weather conditions. Enjoy peace of mind with a product that promises a lifespan of up to 20 years and comes with a robust 15-year guarantee.

Our Playground Mats are a game-changer. Not only are they built to last, but they're also designed with a firm focus on safety and performance. Each mat incorporates innovative multi-directional flex technology to minimise the risk of injury and fatigue. This, coupled with optimal airflow for a cooler surface, ensures that your playground maintains a comfortable and safe environment for its youthful users.

We haven't stopped there. To further bolster safety, we've incorporated an expertly designed edging ramp into our mats. This reduces the risk of tripping and enhances the overall user experience, making playtime safer, longer, and more enjoyable.

Choosing Lokflor's Playground Mats means choosing safety, durability, and superior performance. Upgrade your playground with our advanced play mat & playground mats, and notice the difference in safety, performance and children's enjoyment.

Experience the Lokflor advantage today, and redefine your playground's landscape. Let's build the playgrounds of the future – safe, engaging, and sustainable.