Elevate Your Game with Lokflor: A Champion of Multi-Purpose Sports Courts

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A Pitch-Perfect Solution: Lokflor

We’ve all been there. The match is set, players are fired up, and suddenly, the heavens open, rendering your sports court a slippery, unsafe arena. But what if the weather didn’t have the final say in your sports scheduling? Enter Lokflor - your partner in facilitating an unwavering, all-weather play.

Durable Excellence in Every Weather

Lokflor isn’t just a surface; it's a commitment to ensuring your sporting events go off without a hitch, come rain or shine. Manufactured proudly in the heart of South Africa, our sports surfaces are crafted using premium LLDPE polymer, a product of the esteemed SASOL, guaranteeing you a robust, interlocking, and self-draining design. Boasting a hefty 15-year guarantee and potential longevity nudging 20 years, this is an investment that promises to serve your multi-purpose sports courts for the long run.

Unparalleled Safety & Matchless Performance

When it comes to safety and performance, we know there’s no room for compromise. With Lokflor, your sports facility is not merely upgraded; it is transformed. Our surfaces are meticulously designed, intertwining multi-directional flex technology and optimal airflow, ensuring that your players are cushioned against injury and fatigue whilst enjoying a cooler playing surface. An expertly installed edging ramp acts as the cherry on the top, mitigating tripping hazards and paving the way for a truly safe and delightful sporting experience.

An Investment in Recreational Resilience

Ideal for an eclectic mix of sports and recreational activities, Lokflor is your ticket to an unhampered, exhilarating sporting experience, transcending the boundaries of seasonal and weather-related obstacles. And with the accolade of being manufactured under the brilliant South African sun, you're not just investing in a stellar product; you're investing in local expertise, quality, and an uncompromising dedication to sporting excellence.


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A Future-Forward Choice for Multi-Purpose Sports Courts

Choosing Lokflor means choosing a future where your sports events are unhindered by the unpredictability of the weather. It means opting for a surface where safety and performance walk hand-in-hand, promising your players a venue where their skills can shine unbridled.

Through our innovative technology and design, we pledge not just quality and durability but a steadfast ally in ensuring your multi-purpose sports courts remain a hub of unceasing, lively activity. Dive into a world where your sporting events are not at the mercy of the elements, and let Lokflor elevate your game to new, unprecedented heights.

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