LOKFLOR South Africa weighs 3,3 Kg per m2, for a standard sports court of 36,6 x 18,3 total weight of LOKFLOR South Africa 2,250 Kg, volumetrically however this fits onto an 8 ton truck.

Logos can be printed with a size restriction of 3 x 2 meters at an average cost for 2 colour print upto R 650.00 per m2.

LOKFLOR South Africa can be placed on a grass surface but this is only for skills training or temporary installation and not ideal for long term installations.

LOKFLOR South Africa does not damage the grass if left there for a few weeks.

LOKFLOR South Africa all-weather sports surfaces can be uplifted and relocated.

LOKFLOR South Africa can also be installed over an existing hard sports surface some maintenance might be required
and securing the surface to the base structure to prevent migrating of the surface. The self-draining sports surface that can be resumed playing directly after a rain shower without having to dry the surface and is virtually maintenance free a pressure cleaner and leaf blower occasionally to keep the surface clean if anything is spilled on the surface it will not damage the surface if cleaned off as soon as possible.

LOKFLOR South Africa  is not damaged by any type of footwear but soft rubber soled shoes are advised against slip hazard.

LOKFLOR South Africa straight lines are made of individual quarter tiles and no painting required circular markings are painted with repainting every 4 – 5 years.

LOKFLOR South Africa has 3 surface structures to accommodate various sporting codes:

LOKFLOR South Africa 1G a smooth surface used for sports such as tennis and in line hockey.

LOKFLOR South Africa 2G used for cricket and endorsed by the ECB (English Cricket Board) and ICC (International Cricket Council) better known as the FLICX Pitch.

LOKFLOR South Africa 3G our latest addition a anti slip surface.

Lokflor South Africa manufactures, designs and installs innovative court solutions for a wide variety of sports.