The Epitome of Versatile, Safe, and Durable Surfaces in Every Classroom Mat

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A Classroom Mat Revolution

Envisage a classroom where the floor beneath is not merely a surface but an arena that actively augments safety and fortifies purposeful activities. Lokflor, born and bred under the vibrant South African sun, emerges as a pioneering solution, morphing every square foot of a classroom into a safe, durable, and adaptable space.

All-Weather Durability: A Lesson in Reliability

Lokflor prides itself on its premium LLDPE polymer construction, a brilliant concoction stemming from the expertise of SASOL. With a brawny and self-draining design, it defies the conventional and paves the way for a reliable, all-weather classroom mat that can effortlessly grace educational environments for up to a whopping 20 years! Not only is it steadfast against daily wear and tear, but it also ensures optimal performance, come rain or shine, safeguarding against unplanned disruptions due to surface wear.

Safety & Performance: The Cornerstones of Lokflor

In a setting where young minds blossom and flit about with boundless energy, safety isn’t just a requirement; it's paramount. Lokflor comes engineered with an advanced multi-directional flex technology, designed to minimise the risk of injuries and fatigue. The meticulously constructed surface also ensures optimal airflow, resulting in a cooler underfoot experience, an essential feature, especially in bustling, energy-packed classrooms. With an expertly installed edging ramp, trips and tumbles are kept at bay, cultivating a safe and joyful learning environment.

Beyond the Ordinary: The Lokflor Assurance

When you opt for Lokflor, you’re embracing more than a surface. You’re anchoring your trust in a product that comes with a robust 15-year guarantee, promising not just endurance but a consistent performance that stands the test of time. Ideal for various recreational activities and versatile enough to accommodate the dynamic needs of an educational space, Lokflor is more than a classroom mat. It's a promise of unwavering quality, offering a safe and sturdy platform where future generations can learn, play, and grow.

Lokflor – Where Safety and Durability Converge

Lokflor isn’t simply a product. It’s a manifestation of our dedication to crafting surfaces that meld safety, durability, and multifaceted functionality. Choosing Lokflor is choosing a future where your classroom mat is not just a space for learning but a safe, enduring environment where the seeds of knowledge are sown and nurtured.

In every strand of its construction and in every square foot installed, Lokflor aims to be the unsung hero of the classroom – a mat that bears witness to the joyous leaps of today and the pioneering steps of tomorrow.

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